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Manatee in the Three Sisters Spring in Crystal River

The Manatees of Florida’s Crystal River

Kings Bay at the head of the Crystal River in Citrus County is probably the very best place in the world to see and photograph the very special Florida Manatee.Every winter, as water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico drop to the low 70's Fahrenheit, the manatees of the Gulf seek warm water refuges like Kings Bay to restore their core body temperatures.Up to 500 … Read More

Kimbe Bay Coral Crucible Article

PNG: Kimbe Bay – the Coral Crucible

There is a line of thought in the scientific community that this is where it all began and the first corals originated… a large sheltered bay, roughly one third along the north coast of the island now called New Britain.The bay is called Kimbe and the country is Papua New … Read More

Nuigini Blue - Raja Ampat

The Rich Currents of Indonesia’s Raja Ampat

High on the "bucket list" of most divers and underwater photographers is Raja Ampat.Located in the remote far east of the vast Indonesian archipelago, it is Raja Ampat's isolation and its rich currents that have helped make the area so incredibly biodiverse.Those currents … Read More

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