The Pacific Gas Wreck – Port Moresby

Franco modeling on the Pacific Gas

Franco modeling on the Pacific Gas

There are certain dives that stay with you -such was my first dive on the wreck of the Pacific Gas in Bootless Bay, just outside the PNG capital of Port Moresby.

The site of this large gas tanker sitting bolt upright, on a slope near Horseshoe Reef, was just incredible and my subsequent explorations on my many trips to Loloata Resort convinced me that I must document it all it an article.

It took another few years before I finally managed to do just that with the gracious support of Dik Knight, the owner of Loloata resort, and the help of the resort’s dive team led by Yoshi & Franco.

The Pacific Gas was sunk deliberately in 1986 to create an exciting new dive site on Horsehoe Reef, which is part of the Sunken Barrier Reef system that protects Port Moresby and nearby Bootless Bay.

The history of the Pacific Gas is documented in the article, as is the story of its “procurement” and sinking.

There is also a full description of what it is like to dive the wreck and how to photograph it.

You can use this link to download the complete Pacific Gas wreck article plus you can check out the Pacific Gas wreck Location Guide pages.