The Land of the Sleeping Crocodile…

Timor Leste article - X-Ray magazine

Timor Leste article – X-Ray magazine

The juvenile salt-water crocodile was near to death when the small boy found it stranded in a swamp far from the sea.

Although greatly afraid, the boy decided to try and save the crocodile and eventually managed to get it back to the sea where it quickly recovered. The two became best friends and went on to travel the world together, with the boy riding on the back of the crocodile as it swam far across the seas.

But as the crocodile grew older, and the time came for it to die, it told the young man it would transform itself into a beautiful island where he and his children could live until the sun sinks into the sea…

The tale of the boy and his cold-blooded friend is well known in East Timor and told often to explain the island’s crocodile-like shape and why the Timorese have a special affinity with the large reptile that is said to inhabit the creeks & pools along much of the south coast of the country.

X-Ray magazine recently published an 11 page article of mine on scuba diving and travel in Timor Leste and is available for download.

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