Diving Australia: Scuba Diving Overview

The vast island continent of Australia has some excellent diving. On the east coast there are the tropical waters of Queensland and the famous Great Barrier Reef to the north, the temperate but very interesting diving around New South Wales and the colder waters of Victoria and the beautiful island of Tasmania to the south.

Over in the west, its long coastline is bathed by the rich waters of the Indian Ocean and offers a tremendous diversity, while South Australia has possibly the most interesting diving in Australia – especially around the Spencer Gulf.

The island continent of Australia

The Island Continent of Australia

I have lived in Australia for over 20 years and have dived many of the main locations along the Great Barrier Reef, but that was before I had the idea for this website… So you won’t find detailed location guides like you will on Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, as I do most of my diving these days in the Indo-Pacific area to the north of Australia.

However what I have done is document some of the really unique things about diving in Australia, starting with the much feared Great White Shark and the greatly endangered Grey Nurse Shark.

I will be adding others, such as the Giant Australian Cuttlefish and the Leafy Sea Dragon in addition to the current image galleries as time permits, but if you have questions about diving in Australia send me an email and I will give you my opinion.