Listed below are links to people and businesses I personally know and would recommend.


– Spot-A-Shark:

Spot-A-Shark is run by Sean Barker & Peter Simpson, two very dedicated guys who are doing their very best to identify individual Grey Nurse Sharks and their migratory patterns – a key building block in the conservation of these endangered creatures.

– Dave Harasti: and

Dave is not only a marine biologist, he is an excellent underwater photographer too – quite a combination as it means he actually knows what it is he is photographing and what it’s behavioral patterns are. He has numerous image galleries on his main site plus his Species Spotlight site cam help you identify all those things you saw underwater!

– Aengus Moran: and

Aengus is very well known in Sydney as a keen (possibly fanatical…) scuba diver and accomplished underwater photographer. His blog & his site are both worth checking out and his images are excellent.

– Simon Mittag: Underwater Photography Blog

Sydney based diving instructor & underwater photographer Simon Mittag has an interesting website & blog containing a lot of useful information, photo tips and very nice images.


Timor Leste (East Timor)

– Dive Timor Lorosae:

Timor Leste is an interesting place both above and below the water and is emerging from its recent traumas. I really like the country and dive with Dive Timor Lorosae who have been in operation there since 2002 and know all the key dive locations very well.

Papua New Guinea

– Tufi Dive Resort: and

One of my favorite places in PNG – great resort, superb location and fantastic diving. I have literally spent weeks at Tufi and never tire of the place!

– Ethica Coffee:

Interesting site about sourcing coffee beans directly from the individual growers in PNG who have grown their product in an ethical and sustainable way.



DiveZone Lombok:

George More of DiveZone in South Lombok has been diving the area since 2005 and knows the sites better than anybody else – particularly the power sites such as Magnet and the Cathedral in Belongas Bay

– Cocotinos Dive Resort:

A small resort very well located on the beach at Kima Bajo in Wori Bay on the north-west tip of North Sulawesi, on the edge of Bunaken Marine Park but also just 90 minutes drive from Bitung in the Lembeh Strait. Well run & with a great selection of dive sites.

– Divers Lodge Lembeh:

Located at the southern end of the Lembeh Strait, on the island of Lembeh itself, Divers Lodge is a small resort with a strong focus on the environment. Very flexible approach to diving schedules and some very good guides.

– North Sulawesi:

A good site with lots of information & links to resources in the North Sulawesi area.

– Villa Markisa Bali:

Located next door to Seraya Secrets and co-owned by Christiane Waldrich & Pedro Wettstein, Villa Markisa is the newest dive resort in the Tulamben area.