Diving Papua New Guinea: Loloata Dive Resort Overview

The island of Loloata, and its sole occupant the dive resort, is somewhat of an institution in Port Moresby having been an integral part of the local expatriate scene since the 1970’s.

Loloata Island near Port Moresby - Image Courtesy of Loloata Dive Resort

Loloata Island near Port Moresby – Image Courtesy of Loloata Dive Resort

Loloata Island near Port Moresby – Image Courtesy of Loloata Dive Resort

The island was originally acquired in the early 1970’s by an expatriate Australian – not an easy thing to do in a country where almost 97% of the country is “owned” on a communal basis by the many tribes of Papua New Guinea and an outright purchase will usually involve tortuous and complicated negotiations…

Dik Knight of Loloata Dive Resort

Dik Knight of Loloata Dive Resort

Back then the island was host to a small weekend guesthouse which served as somewhere for expatriates in Port Moresby to get away to.

Then in 1977 Loloata was acquired by Dik Knight, another expatriate Australian who had come to PNG as a freshly conscripted Australian Army Officer in 1970 and stayed on after independence as a math’s teacher in the Eastern Highlands.

Dik intended to develop the guesthouse in to a fully fledged dive resort – but the late 1970’s and the 1980’s were halcyon days for expatriates in Papua New Guinea and, while there were some diving related activities, the focus was more about providing a weekend bolt-hole for  the capital’s expats.

The emphasis changed to scuba diving in the 1990’s as PNG’s incredible biodiversity became known internationally and its premiere locations Milne Bay, at the south-east tip of the mainland, and Kimbe Bay in New Britain started to attract divers from all over the world.

Dik was convinced that the diving around Port Moresby and Bootless Bay also had the potential to satisfy discerning dive travelers with its excellent reefs and wrecks such as the Pacific Gas.

Major investments to establish the dive infrastructure and acquire the resorts two 10m aluminum-hulled boats were made and the rest is history as Loloata has established itself as one of the main diving locations in Papua New Guinea.

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Loloata Island map showing its location in Bootless Bay

Map showing location of Loloata Island

Diving Papua New Guinea: Loloata Dive Resort Logistics

Loloata Island is located in Bootless Bay, about 20km from Port Moresby, which involves a 25-minute drive from the airport followed by a short 15-minute boat ride.

The island is shaped somewhat like a crocodile and its name means One Hill in the local Motu language, with loloa meaning hill and ta meaning one.

Loloata is just 1200m long and 300m wide, with “the hill” running down the spine of the island and the accommodation, dive shop and main facility occupying the northeast corner.

The island’s location means it is quite close to many of the best sites on the barrier reefs to the south, which means those sites are only about 40 minutes away from the resort.

It also means that it does not take long to get back to the shelter of Loloata when the wind starts to blows around midday…

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