Moresby Dive Sites – Suzie’s Bommie

Location Map for Suzie’s Bommie

Just 15 kilometers from Port Moresby, and only 30 minutes from Loloata Resort, is one of my favorite dive sites in Papua New Guinea.

Hard to believe that such good diving could exist so close to a capital city, but when the conditions are right Suzie’s Bommie really is world class diving!

Suzie’s is a sea-mount that rises up from the sandy seabed at 30m to within 13m of the surface.

It is located on the sunken barrier reef, which runs roughly parallel to the coast about 3.5 kilometers offshore, it is a pristine example of a reef ecosystem that sustains a diversity of creatures from the photogenic pygmy seahorse to schooling pelagics.

Schooling Barracuda at Suzie's Bommie

Schooling Barracuda at Suzie’s Bommie

However, its position on the barrier reef means that it can only be dived when the conditions are right – but a good dive on Suzie’s will remain etched into your memory for a long time.

Probably the thing that you will remember most though are the incredible school of sweetlips that hang out on the top of the reef – obviously feeling a degree of safety in numbers, if you wait patiently and don’t demonstrate any aggressive behavior they will slowly approach you en masse to the point where you could reach out and touch them!

Schooling sweetlips at Suzie's Bommie

Schooling sweetlips at Suzie’s Bommie

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