Diving Mozambique: Tofo Diving Logistics

The diving in Tofo is done “South African style” with rigid inflatable boats (RIB’s) launched from the beach through the surf and ran up the beach on the way back – all of which makes for a pretty exciting beginning & end to each dive…

Defensive Camera Care…

It can all be pretty hard on cameras though and I strongly suggest you get some kind of improvised storage device, such as an old dive gear container & wet suit which worked well for me.

Although there are some dive sites closer into shore with depths in the range of 12-15m, the main sites and the ones with the best manta cleaning stations, are all located offshore with depth profiles of 20-30m.

The square profile and relative depths means that bottom times can be limited and nitrox, which seems to be readily available, becomes a must-have…

Diving is conducted as a group, and with Diversity Scuba who I dived with, there are two Divemasters – one leading the group and the other acting as a “sweeper” in case people get left behind or use their air quickly.

The leading Divemaster carries a surface marker buoy (SMB) so that the dive-boat can easily follow and quickly pick-up divers as they surface.

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Diving Mozambique: Dive Operators

Diversity Scuba’s Mark Whaley

There are several dive operators in town and all appear to be following the Codes of Conduct for the manta rays and whale sharks.

I personally dived with Diversity Scuba which was ran at that time by expat Englishman Mark Whaley and I found them to be very well organized and efficient.

I was particularly impressed with how well the local Mozambique dive guides & Divemasters have been trained by Mark and his team.

Diversity Scuba have a large shop, pool and training facility plus a number of RIB’s and Mark runs a tight ship!

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Diving Mozambique: When to Dive Tofo?

It is possible to dive Tofo all year round although both February and August can be windy.

Whale sharks and manta rays are seen throughout the year, but the best months for whale sharks are are October to March, while the prime time for mantas are November through April.

Humpback whales migrate up the Mozambique coast from June through to September.

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